Travel series: Los Angeles


  1. Jenny, how was your trip to LA?
  2. Oh Spencer, it was awesome! LA was quite different from what I'd always imagined.
  3. Really? In what ways?
  4. I throught the city would be glitzy and larger than life, but it was actually very chill and familly-friendly.
  5. Did you do all the touristy things and visit the theme parks?
  6. Of course! I took my kids to Disneyland and Universal Studios. We also went to a Laker's game, even though we had nosebleed seats.
  7. But I bet is waw still pretty cool. Did you check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  8. Yes, but honestly it wasn't that impressive. I really loved Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach though. They were ao beautiful with lots of greats shops and restaurants.
  9. How did you get arount the city?
  10. We rented a car and drove, which was the best way to explore the city. And the highways along the Pacific Ocean were absolutely gorgeous!


  1. imagined
  2. glitzy
  3. larger than life
  4. family-friendly
  5. touristy
  6. chill
  7. Disneyland
  8. Laker's
  9. nosebleed seats
  10. check out
  11. Hollywood walk of Fame
  12. impressive
  13. get around
  14. rented
  15. explore