Solving a Customer's Problems


  1. ...Yes, my order number is 421756174XTL.
  2. Yes, Mr. Winslow, I have your order on my screen. What seems to be the problem?
  3. Well, I still haven't received it. You promised next day delivery but it still hasn't shown up.
  4. Okay, Mr. Winslow. Can I call you back in a moment? I'm just going to look into this and see what's happened.
  5. Okay, my mobile number is 15234...
  6. Hello, Mr. Winslow. It's Janet from HBS office Supplies. I'm just returning your call. Your order was held up at customs. Everything seems to be in order now and the driver is on his way to you.
  7. Okay, well, this is extremely urgent.
  8. I understand. Your order has been prioritized, so you should receive it within the hour.
  9. Great...oh, hold on, the delivery guy is here; the order has just arrived. Thanks for your help, Janet.


  1. shown up
  2. prioritized
  3. hold on
  4. office supplies
  5. delivery
  6. held up
  7. customs
  8. look into
  9. urgent
  10. within
  11. withhold
  12. same-day delivery
  13. priority
  14. investigate