Excuses for Being Late


  1. Where is everyone? We were supposed to start fifteen minutes ago!
  2. Jo called and said she'd be here in a sec. She said she got tied up with a client.
  3. Sorry I'm late everyone. There was a huge traffic jam on the highway this morning.
  4. Morning everyone! Were you stuck in traffic as well, Jess? There was a huge pileup on the highway and the traffic was backed up for miles.
  5. Scott just called and said that he's running late. His last meeting ran over, but he's on his way now.
  6. Guys, this is not acceptable. If I say the meeting starts at ten, the meeting starts at ten. Not ten-o-one! And definitely not ten-twenty! All right. Let's get started. So the first thing I want to talk about is our...
  7. I'm really sorry, everyone! I know I'm late. But really, it's not my fault. I was getting a coffee at Starbucks, and the line was way too long. I was waiting for twenty minutes to get my coffee!


  1. backed up for miles
  2. traffic jam
  3. ran over
  4. got tied up
  5. pileup
  6. running late
  7. in a sec
  8. huge
  9. punctual
  10. behind schedule
  11. sleep in
  12. tardiness
  13. hustle