Clarifying Information on the Phone


  1. Good afternoon, Nova Bank, Customer Service Department, Jessica speaking. How may I help you?
  2. Hello, I'm phoning about my current account. I believe there has been some kind of mix-up.
  3. Okay, sir. Can I just take down your account number, please?
  4. Yes, it's C51004905215, and the name is Mr. Small.
  5. Okay, one moment please...hmm, I'm sorry, sir, but this account is under the name Mr.Smell.
  6. Yes, exactly. That's the problem. The bank has misprinted my details. I can't withdraw any money or even check my balance.
  7. Hmm, well, I'm very sorry but all customer details are confidential. I'm afraid I will need Mr. Smell's permission to change any details.
  8. But I am Mr. Smell. No, I mean...erm, no, there is no Mr. Smell. There's been a mistake, I...
  9. Thank you for calling, sir. Have a nice day...
  10. Argh!


  1. mix-up
  2. balance
  3. take down
  4. confidential
  5. misprinted
  6. details
  7. withdraw
  8. permission
  9. believe
  10. private
  11. checking account
  12. customer service rep
  13. supervisor
  14. authorization