Rescheduling a Meeting


  1. Uh, Terry, I need your help. I can't make tomorrow's meeting.
  2. Sure, no problem. I'll reschedule it.
  3. Great. Can you get in touch with James and tell him we need to push it back? I'm booked solid this week.
  4. Okay, well, does next friday suit you?
  5. No can do. I've got something scheduled for Friday.
  6. Oh, right, your spa appointment. What about Monday? Can you fit it in then?
  7. No, Monday won't work either. I'm meeting Jerry Carver on the golf course.
  8. Right. Golf. What about Tuesday? Are you also busy then? Hair appointment? Yoga calss? Fishing trip?
  9. No actually. It's my grandmother's funeral next Tuesday.
  10. Oh!


  1. get in touch with
  2. push it back
  3. suit
  4. fit it in
  5. booked solid
  6. reschedule
  7. postpone
  8. does it work for you
  9. contact
  10. put off