Making an Appointment


  1. Hello, Fairbrook Consulting. How may I help you?
  2. Yes, this is Julianne Horton, and I'm calling to arrange an appointment with Ms. McNealy.
  3. Certainly. What day were you thinking of?
  4. How's Thursday? Does she have any time available then?
  5. Um... let me double check...unfortunately, she's booked solid on Thursday. How does next Monday work for you?
  6. Actually, I've got something scheduled on Monday. Can she do Tuesday?
  7. Sure, Tuesday's perfect. May I ask where you're calling from?
  8. Sure, Merton Financial Advisors.
  9. Oh, actually, Tuesday's no good. Sorry about that.


  1. arrange
  2. appointment
  3. available
  4. booked solid
  5. scheduled
  6. double check
  7. work for you
  8. cold call
  9. set up an appointment
  10. consulting company
  11. expat