Can I Ask You for a Favor


  1. Um, sorry to bother you, name is Rachel. I'm new here. Can I ask you for a fevor?
  2. Hi Rachel, welcome on board. I'm afraid I can't help you right now. I'm getting ready for a very import meeting.
  3. Excuse me, but can I bother you for a second?
  4. You know what? I'd love to help you, but I'm about to meet an import client. Do you wanna ask Sean instead? He sits right over there.
  5. Sorry to interrupt you, Sean. Could you do me a quick favor?
  6. Actually, I'm working on a document that's due in a couple of minutes. I really can't talk right now. Sorry about that.
  7. Geez! I just want to know where the bathroom is! What's wrong with you people?


  1. bother
  2. welcome on board
  3. Can I ask you for a favor
  4. can I bother you
  5. sorry to interrupt you
  6. instead
  7. do me a quick favor
  8. bathroom
  9. help me out
  10. give me a hand
  11. annoy
  12. bug
  13. disrupt
  14. welcome aboard
  15. apology
  16. reason