Asking for Time Off


  1. Mr. McKenna, do you have a second? I need to talk to you about something.
  2. Sure, Liv. What can I do for you?
  3. Well, I was just see, I know I've used up all my vocation days this year, but my sister is getting married, and the wedding is overseas, and, well...
  4. You wanna take some time off, is that right?
  5. Well, sir, I was just hoping that I might be able to take some unpaid leave this year.
  6. What dates are you planning on taking off? I'll need at least two month's notice so that I can plan for your absence.
  7. I was thinking of taking off from September first until the thirtieth. Would you be okay with that?
  8. Well, I guess so.


  1. have a second
  2. absence
  3. used up
  4. taking off
  5. unpaid
  6. overseas
  7. notice
  8. leave
  9. okay with
  10. sick days
  11. unpaid vocation
  12. absent
  13. notify
  14. abroad