Receiving a Phone Call


  1. Hello, Utopia Media, Danni speaking. How may I help you?
  2. Hello, could you put me through to Mr. Zhou in the advertising department, please?
  3. Certainly sir. One moment please...
  4. Hello, this is Jerry.
  5. Hi Jerry, Steve here. I'm just getting back to you about the ad we needed for next month.
  6. Great! Thanks for returning my call. Have you decided what you need?
  7. Yes, we've got the go-ahead for a full page ad. I can kuaidi the proofs this afternoon. Will that be okay with you? I know the deadline's coming up soon.
  8. Yes, as long as we get them by the end of the day today that should be okay, Steve.
  9. Okay, thanks a lot, Jerry. Talk to you soon, bye!


  1. getting back to you
  2. returning my call
  3. full page ad
  4. be okay with
  5. put me through to
  6. kuaidi
  7. advertising department
  8. go-ahead
  9. proofs
  10. as long as
  11. coming up soon
  12. please hold
  13. take a message
  14. extension
  15. receptionist
  16. professional
  17. permission
  18. approval
  19. condition