Dressing for an Interview


  1. Hey Jen! I got a call-back from that marketing agency! They want me to come in for an interview next week!
  2. Wow, Nate! That's awesome! I'm really excited for you.
  3. Thanks. I'm excited too, but also really nervous. I don't even know what to wear!
  4. What are you talking about? You guys have it easy! All you need to do is throw on a suit and comb your hair and you're golden. We women have to choose between suits, skirts and blouses, and one-pieces, plus we have to do our hair and make-up.
  5. Aright already! So what do you think: a black suit jacket with a white botton-down? What about my tie?
  6. Hmm, I think a brighter color would look really nice. Be sure you wear shoes and socks that match your jacket. Also, make sure you get it dry-cleaned or at least iron it before your interview so that it's not wrinkled.
  7. Ok, thanks! Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to say...


  1. call-back
  2. at least
  3. golden
  4. match
  5. throw on
  6. be sure
  7. one-pieces
  8. dry-cleaned
  9. button-down
  10. figure out
  11. make sure
  12. CV
  13. enough already
  14. figure it out
  15. resume