A Promotion and a New Guy


  1. Hey Michelle! Is that you?
  2. Wow, Grace! Long time no see! Where have you been?
  3. Oh yeah. Well you see, I got a promotion, so I moved to the new Pudong office last September.
  4. You did? Congratulations!
  5. Thanks a lot. So how are things with you, Michelle?
  6. Well, same old same old, you know. Nothing much has changed here.
  7. Are you still seeing Chris?
  8. No, actually. We split up last month.
  9. Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear that.
  10. But I met a really cute guy last night at a networking party, so..., well, let's just wait and see.
  11. Good for you, Michelle!


  1. same old same old
  2. long time no see
  3. promotion
  4. networking
  5. split
  6. sincere
  7. break up