Welcoming New Staff


  1. Hello, my name is David Collins. I'm here to see James Crawford.
  2. Ah, yes, Mr. Collins. Welcome on board! I understand you are starting working with us today. I'm afraid Mr. Crawford is tied up now. He was expecting you an hour ago.
  3. Ah, yes. Well, I had an accident on the way here. This crazy woman crashed into my car with her bicycle! She almost killed me!
  4. Oh dear! Mr. Crawford has asked me to show you around our office and help you to settle in.
  5. Okay, I'd like that, thanks.
  6. Please follow me. We'll take the lift to the third floor.
  7. Right this way. All right, here we are. This is the accounts department. Let me introduce you to your supervisor, Miss Lee. She is responsible for this department...
  8. It's you! You almost killed me!
  9. What do you mean?! You ran into me!


  1. I understand
  2. welcome on board
  3. tied up
  4. settle in
  5. crashed into
  6. show you around
  7. take the lift
  8. ran into
  9. take the stairs
  10. in charge of
  11. elevator
  12. settle down
  13. run into
  14. captain
  15. ship
  16. vehicle
  17. informal
  18. casual