When Will He Arrive?


  1. Helen, I need a hand.
  2. Sure, what can I do for you?
  3. Mr. Chung is flying in from Singapore on the twentieth of March. Can you please arrange for the driver to pick him up from the airport, and then drop him off at the office for the meeting at 7pm ?
  4. Can you tell me what time he arrives?
  5. I think sometime in the afternoon, but I'm not sure. You'll need to confirm with his secretary.
  6. But, Mr. Waters, that's going to be a problem. You're already booked for the twentieth.
  7. Why ?
  8. Well, you're getting married on the twentieth! Don't you remember?
  9. Oh! It completely slipped my mind!
  10. Don't panic. I'll give his secretary a call now to reschedule.


  1. need a hand
  2. pick him up
  3. drop him off
  4. panic
  5. Singapore
  6. flying in from
  7. sometime
  8. booked
  9. slipped my mind
  10. getting married
  11. reschedule
  12. arrange
  13. appointment
  14. double check
  15. calendar
  16. arrangement
  17. admin