1. Good afternoon. May I help you?
  2. Yes, I'm here to see Joanna Stevens. I have an appointment at four.
  3. Certainly, may I take your name? I'll let her know you've arrived.
  4. Sure, it's Josh O'Neil.
  5. Ms. Stevens will be with you momentarily. Can I offer you something to drink?
  6. Yes, a coffee would be nice, thank you.
  7. Here you are. Ms. Stevens is ready for you now. I'll show you to her office, right this way.
  8. Just watch your step here...


  1. certainly
  2. may I take your name
  3. let me know
  4. momentarily
  5. show you to
  6. is ready for you
  7. Right this way
  8. watch your step
  9. administrative assistant
  10. lobby
  11. front desk
  12. switchboard